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SDM have supplied the FCA register extract in its various forms since the Financial services act of 1986.

We have supplied the extract electronically since 2002.

Today hundreds of clients download the product for compliance and marketing purposes.

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The FCA Register Extract Service

The FCA Register Extract

The FCA Register is a register of financial service companies and individuals regulated by the FCA past and present.

It contains information about FCA regulated services they are authorised to provide, and much more besides.

Ours is the definitive register of intermediaries used by hundreds of financial service companies for compliance purposes.  

It is also the best source of marketing information on the market, far exceeding any list in terms of completeness, accuracy and recency.

Download the FCA handbook here

Using the extract for compliance

The FCA register extract is an integral part of our clients’ day to day compliance functions.  It is complete, up to date, and reflects the ever changing nature of the financial sector.

Our clients include many of the major banks, building societies and insurance companies, investment and life companies, motor finance companies and information providers.

Clients use the extract in order to satisfy compliance regulations.  The extract provides information on firms’ authorisation status, permissions, alternate names, appointed representatives and more besides.

We can provide bespoke reports for your ‘watchlist’ of firms to evaluate and monitor, providing you with key compliance information on a weekly or monthly basis.  Important changes from the previous report are highlighted for your attention.

Using the extract for marketing

The most important thing to remember about the FCA register is that it is a register. It is not a regular list, which may or may not be up-to-date, probably will not be complete and may not be adequately maintained.

Anyone working within the Financial Services sector has to, by law, supply up-to-date and correct information and could face severe penalties if they do not do so. You will find no such compulsion with any other list you source.

Not only is it complete, it is up-to-date. Its members are obliged to advise the FCA of any material changes. No other list is as current as ours. Further, you can track changes using our service to identify companies and individuals who have moved or been promoted.

You can reach individuals who have just changed their job on a monthly or weekly basis, at a price regular lists would find hard to match. Is there any list on the market that gives better value?

We can develop bespoke reports and selections, producing the data that you want in the format you require.

The SDM service

The FCA produces the FCA extract every Thursday evening and uploads it onto our servers every Friday morning.  We check the contents of the extract and report any problems back to the FCA.
The data is converted into a number of commonly used formats, including CSV, DBF, pipe delimited, and conventional ‘tape’ format.

By close of business on Friday, usually by early afternoon, the data is available to our clients from our website and via FTP.  It is also possible to automatically download the extract via HTTP script.
Customers can subscribe to access the refreshed register on either a weekly or monthly basis depending on their requirements.

We offer a reasonable level of support.  If you have any questions regarding the data, we do our best to answer them and usually do so within a few days.  Any questions that require a definitive answer, we pass onto the FCA.

We are the interface between subscribers and the FCA. Any problems reported to us by the client base are analysed and then passed onto the FCA.  We work with the FCA on providing solutions, and then report back to the client base thereby fulfilling an important interface between the FCA and subscribers.

The service has proven to be highly reliable ever since its inception.

Options for the download of the FCA register extract files here.

Read the SDM T’s and C’s here.

Read the FCA register extract service FAQ's here.

Free trial

For a 28 day free trial please visit:
A sample of the data can be downloaded here.

Licence Fees

We've highlighted below the annual costs for subscription to the FCA Register including SDM’s online service; this provides access to the Register for on-going data usage and download of database files:

The FCA works on a licence year commencing 1st April.  Organisations can opt to subscribe at any point during the year with costs calculated on an approximate (not exact) pro rata basis.  For instance, if a licence is taken out between January and March, then about 3/12 of annual fees would apply. All costs exclude VAT.

Pricing depends on usage, frequency and whether individuals’ data is ordered.  It does not depend on any other factors, and in particular does not depend on the subset that you may be interested in, no matter how big or small.

For a compliance licence, your main usage must be compliance and declared to the FCA as such on your order form.  Your company must also itself be FCA regulated.

All fees exclude VAT.  We are happy to provide a formal quotation based on your particular requirements.

The Ordering Process

If you are interested in licensing the FCA register extract, the next step is to complete the: Order form (word document). Please note that the figures in the order form are the FCA licence fees only. 

The fees quoted in the above are the FCA licence fees as per the order form plus the SDM fees.

Email this to for checking we will then forward this to the FCA copying you in.

The FCA will then generate a licence agreement using the details on the Order form.

You are not committed to anything until you sign the licence agreement

Once signed, email and post the agreement to the FCA at

When the FCA receives the signed agreement, they will give us the go ahead to set your trial account live.  At this point you can download the entire extract. The whole process usually takes between one and two weeks. SDM and the FCA will separately invoice you soon thereafter.

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